Possibly the worst time ever to start

A few weeks back I decided to go for my dream, playing video games for a living (if you want to read a bit more about me I have a whole page for that!). I’ve spend the past few days claiming my name on all the bigger sites I want to be present on. But this is scary times. Even if my intentions was to focus on Twitch I do have plans to learn video editing so I can upload my videos to YouTube as well. But with all this huge things rocking the very foundation of YouTube I can’t help but to feel a bit worried. Will I be able to make it and is it worth investing time into a YouTube channel? I guess only time will tell.

But onto lighter topics. To begin with I thought I’d use my phone to film my first few videos but since I’m having trouble mounting it I’m thinking this wont do for when I’m going to stream. I also don’t even know if I could make the phone’s video merge with whatever capture software I decide on. So I’ve done some research on what kind of camera that I should be getting and I’ve landed on two possible options. One is the cheaper model Logitech C930e 1080p and the other is Razer Stargazer. Now I’m a Razer fan to begin with, let me just toss it out there. I have both headphones, mouse and mousepad from Razer. I know they might not be the very best of the best but I like that the camera have a dynamic background removal, which means you have no need for a green screen. I had decided to go with Razer’s cam when I stumbled onto an auction that sold Logitech’s cam with a serious price cut. Sadly, that had an auction timer on two weeks and I’d only been a week since they put it up. But, I put down an offer so I’ll just have to wait and see if I win it at that price or if I’m gonna go buy a brand new one.

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