Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda

For a while I held off on buying the latest Mass Effect game. I loved the other games in the series (with an exception for the ending in ME3..) but since I adopted TotalBiscuit’s philosophy of never pre-ordering a game I waited for it to be released. With the apparent issues the game had I decided to wait even longer before buying it. If BioWare and EA wasn’t going to listen to their fans or do anything with the game, I wasn’t willing to pay full price, but I always planned to play the game eventually.

I don’t really mind spoilers (yeah I know, I’m perverse like that) in games, movies or tv-shows so I had no trouble to just wait and see what would happen. But since it was announced that they will be bringing patches to the game I gave in. So whilst running around yesterday with birthday parties and what not I installed the game and sat down with it once we got home.

Once I finally sat down with the character creator I.. well.. I mostly got frustrated with the arbitrary things they let you manage on your character. It’s a small thing to be annoyed with but I struggled to understand why I got a color wheel for both my inner and outer eye color but static colors to choose from for the hair. Why can I move my eyes, mouth, cheeks and chin around but not choose what kind of eyebrow I want or what angle I want my eyes to have? Weird, very weird. It’s the small things that makes it feel unpolished.

But I will start filming my progression through the game since I feel the need (like so many else) to remake my character. If I’m gonna stare at my character for so many hours it would be good if I don’t get annoyed by just looking at her.

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