First stream today!

first stream
My POV playing Cluckles’ Adventure on stream

I know how my mind works. I planned for the first stream by not planning the details such as date and what game. I get insanely nervous the first few times I do something new so I knew that forcing the first stream might backfire. The stream was nothing special. I sat down with a new game (Cluckles’ Adventure) and just fired everything up. I’ve been busy checking how to actually stream and install the software I needed during the past few days. I actually had a few viewers during the 2h25m that I played, but no one commented anything in chat. A few seemed to stick around for quite some time, which both made me happy and terrified. I didn’t talk much, I’m kinda shy, and I don’t have a face camera yet but it was so fun to think that I might have entertained someone somewhere with this silly little game.

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