Filming and practise speaking with a old, beloved game


Yesterday I streamed for the first time but didn’t manage to talk that much so I thought I’d focus on that today, practising talking while gaming. I felt wildly uncomfortable speaking in English so I often stuttered and lost the flow. This is something new to me though, I have never felt uncomfortable speaking English before so I was surprised to find this out. It’s like some kind of stage fright. But like I stated yesterday, I often feel uncomfortable doing something for the first time and this is all still very new stuff to me. English have always been like a second native language to me so I believe I’ll grow accustomed to it with time. I decided to go with a different game today though, one I know by heart (The legend of Zelda: A link to the past) to try and make it easier for me to get started with talking about the game I play. It seems to work, I relaxed a bit after a little while so I’ll do a playthrough and see if it feels any different.

In other news I’ve tested a few video editing and broadcasting/filming softwares by now and come to the conclusion that I really like Adobe Premier CC for video editing and XSplit for broadcasting/filming. I’m still on the trial period for Adobe so I’ll see if I like it as much after using it the whole period. XSplit isn’t free but it doesn’t have a trial period either, I get a watermark on my vids as long as I don’t pay for it but for the moment that’s just fine.

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