Exhaustion and social fatigue

Due to the long time I’ve been away from.. everything, I’ve grown isolated. When I was healing after the operation, my only social interaction was with one specific friend and the internet. This wasn’t bad, I never felt lonely, but it didn’t make social interactions easier either. I’ve know this for a long time and I’m continuously working on breaking the isolation, trying to get out on parties and happenings as well as everyday things like getting out and running and going grocery shopping during “prime time” when there’s a lot of people moving around. It’s not that I don’t want to be around friends and family, it’s more like it’s sucking my energy completely and it takes a few days for me to recuperate. Sometimes it’s so bad my speech starts to slur without any affection from meds.

So the past two weeks I’ve spent roughly 10 hours (two sessions, á 5h each) with T’s grandmother, trying to teach her how to operate her new smart phone. She’s not that hard to teach but it’s taken huge chunks of my energy for each session. She knows about my condition and how it affects me with intense sessions like those we’ve had so she’s respectful enough to ask me if I’m alright a few times at every session. But yesterday? I was completely knocked out once I came home. I had a feint idea in my head that I at least should make a short blog post about it since I didn’t get around to stream as I had planned. But I ended up spending time on the couch instead, half asleep, accompanied by the soft purr of my two beloved little fur balls.

“Da fuq are you lookin’ at?!” – Sassy kitten

Today T will be away in the evening for a board game night with his colleagues. I was invited as well, but I had to turn in down due to still feeling the effects from yesterday. I’m really not that fun when I cant speak properly or be focused enough to actually keep track of rules and turns. If I have energy enough I might stream for a few hours today to get some hours into it and just try recover from the fatigue.

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