Trade off between graphics and lagging

Despite my exhaustion I streamed 5½ hours today. I find it rewarding to see the stats of those who visit my channel even if they don’t stay for long. But it’s quite annoying that I can’t run the game, the streaming software, capture the game and my webcam at the same time if I want to play Mass Effect: Andromeda. I’ve learned that the some of the big stars of the business is using hardware specially designed for this task, capture cards, and I’ve mentally put that down to be purchased at some point. But to be honest, at the moment I think I would benefit more from getting new pc hardware such as a new graphics card and a new processor to begin with. My hardware were of the best, 5 years ago.

Now more then ever I’m feeling the effects of next years big purchase, our very own apartment. I want to run off and buy a myself a brand new computer but me and T are saving like crazy and turning every penny as many times as we possibly can. He got a brand new computer last year but only because his old one completely crashed and burned. Mine hasn’t crashed or burned yet so we’ve looking to only replace the most vital parts that makes the biggest difference for my intended streaming career. But I have some few ideas up my sleeve and I will try and stream with another software tomorrow as I think OBS is less demanding then XSplit (but also less advanced..). I’d also like to capture the game I’m currently playing but perhaps I will have to skip that until I get more firepower under the hood. I know how annoying it is when a game is lagging and even more so when you’re watching someone else play. Laggy game play is not acceptable.. but what are the trade off on what graphics setting I can run against what level of lagging that I okay?

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