Small changes to get a less laggy stream

Yesterday’s stream was wonky. My processor didn’t have juice enough to keep everything that I wanted going, going. Today I’ve opt for small changes and played while filming to see if it made any difference. I don’t think the effect is that visible in the gameplay of Mass Effect: Andromeda but it made a worlds difference for my cpu. Hopefully the stream will be smoother and not as laggy as it was yesterday. Sad to say though, the footage I took yesterday is garbage because of this. I’m torn between going back to film it, it’s five hours after all, or if I should just push on with my first playthrough of the game and go back when I do my second playthrough.

That’s something that will be visible once I get a routine in for streaming and posting to YouTube, I tend to get stuck in games for far longer then people around me do. While T spent 20-30 hours or so in Stardew Valley, I have 481 hours on record. When playing through games like Dragon Age: Inquisition or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt I seldom do less then 200 hours. So for this Mass Effect I expect to do no less.

Yesterday I removed the camera completely from the stream, and I allowed myself to skip talking all together but today I put some time into placing the webcam on a better spot and made sure I have enough light directed onto my face. I usually play my games with the lights dimmed to the point that you don’t see anything unless you have dark sight but since the camera is a really cheap one (49SEK = 5.42USD) I need to fiddle with it to make look good enough to get a passing grade.

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