The art of taking days off


An issue with me is that once I get going on something, it’s hard for me to take time off to rest. This has shown itself time and time again when I burn out on something because I didn’t slow down or think twice before setting things in motion. Since my surgery back in 2015 I’ve had to learn to slow things down and at least take a breather once in a while. But even if I’m aware of this, it’s still hard for me to pause and put whatever I’m doing aside.

I’ve talked about this at length with both T and my psychologist on several occasions. It’s very handy to be like this in some cases, but if you aim to do the whole marathon you can’t spend all the energy during an insane sprint in the beginning. But knowing something and living after it are two completely different things. Just as I need to plan my work-time I also need to plan for the days I don’t do anything.

Sometimes I wonder where I would be without T to rein me in. But we complement each other as I often are the catalyst in his projects and he’s the brakes in mine, making sure I don’t go overboard. He usually signals me when he think I need to rest, but more often these days I realize it myself and force myself to take some time off. Today is such a day. It’s nice weather outside, I think I’ll go for a walk or a run to be sure I take some time off the computer.

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