General whine about cleaning

Bunch of cleaning products on white background

If that’s something I dislike it’s cleaning. I enjoy the result but even that is bittersweet since I know that soon the cats will have spread their fur all over the place again, the sheets and towels will soon again have to be changed, T’s crap will have to been sifted through and thrown out and the worst part: I will soon have to do it all over again.

I’ve tried splitting it up and do a little every day but that made me even more miserable. I prefer to do it all in a lump so I have it over with. To completely clean the apartment takes roughly 4 hours, or if I do a kind of maintenance cleaning it only takes half that time. It’s still too long.. and I hate it. But to soften the blow each time it’s time to clean, I allow myself a treat after I’m finished. I love junk food, but have severely limited my intake of it (I’m never going up to 120kg/265lbs 124 kg/273 lbs again..), so it’s usually something like a hamburger and fries, soda, cookies or candy. And it actually works. I’m still not happy that my cleaning day have arrived but hey, afterwards I get to munch on something tasty as a compensation for my toil.

Some chime in here and asks if T doesn’t help with the housework and the short answer is no, he doesn’t. My mother-in-law is very worried that I will grow tired and angry with him and eventually leave because he doesn’t dust, vacuum or iron at home. I’ve told her time and time again that her fear is unfounded as I knew what I signed up for long before we got married. He has his reasons, we’ve talked about them and settled on a deal we both are happy with.

One time many years ago he promised that I, one day when we could afford it, would have a professional cleaner since he quickly picked up that I disliked this cleaning business as much as he did. And some four-five years ago, we hired a lady with her own company to do all the scrubbing and polishing I didn’t want to do. But since every saved penny is important at the moment, I took it upon myself to do the cleaning until it’s time for us to move to the new place. Before we always went out to dinner after a cleaning day, for a while my reward was the cleaning lady herself and now I do the cleaning to be able to get the interior design and furnishing I want for the new apartment.

So today I think there will be no career focused effort. I will just eat something nice, take a shower and play for the sake of my pure enjoyment. But in other news I’ve pondered what other game might be good for streaming and I think I’ve come up with some good alternatives. Streaming Mass Effect: Andromeda didn’t really work out, since my PC couldn’t really handle it. But there are more games out there, I’ll just have to find the one that’s right for me.

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