Feelings of weirdness and surrealism – Streaming Diablo 3

diablo 3 logo screen hardcore edition

Uploaded my first video to YouTube today. It’s of me playing a hardcore seasonal witch doctor in Diablo 3. To begin with I wont edit my streams more then needed and just put em up at YouTube in addition to streaming on Twitch.

It’s a bit weird how it feels incredibly exiting to have started my channel and begun streaming as it at the same time feels.. surreal? I don’t know.  I feel something else. But I just can’t put my finger on what it is that’s moving around in my head. It’s not fear or worry alone, more a mixture of emotions flying all over the place. I got and lost my first subscriber, but only a few hours later I got a new one. This is also weird. Well, not weird weird, just.. I better not over analyze this just yet.

It’ll be fun to see if I get any hits at all at YouTube. It’s not really something huge in relation to the big picture but I already got over hundred of total views on Twitch. And there’s also a small trickle of visitors to the blog each day. It makes it feel like my distant dream isn’t so distant and if I’m just persistent, who knows how far I can take this? Exciting times, exciting indeed.

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