What’s this apartment you’re talking about?

I’ve mentioned that T and I are saving like crazy for next years big purchase – our very own apartment. It’s a condo that’s being built at this very moment. We expect to be able to move in the first quarter of 2018, around february or march. This is a huge step for us as we’re not only going to own it ourselves (we’re renting now), we are also moving to a new city.

It all began roughly 1½ year ago when T, who commute by train to work, had been delayed at least 2 hour per day (for a 13 minute train ride) for a month straight. They were repairing the the rail so some delays were expected but the day he was almost 6 hours late home, due to the repairs and an additional snowstorm, he (h)angrily told me that he’d had enough and that he wanted to move. To begin with we just looked for another apartment to rent so we could relocate as soon as possible so he didn’t have to commute anymore. But the city we’re moving to is a city with a university, so smaller apartments are hard to come by since there’s a lot of students competing with you.

Around this time I got tipped off that there were some new construction projects coming up soon and we went to a couple of introductory meetings just as a off thing, to check it out, not really thinking we would want to buy. But we got sold on a specific project almost immediately. After researching the constructor, checking out the location and doing a budget, so we were sure we could afford it, we put our signatures on the preliminary agreement. I had this feeling of surrealism back then as well.

So, last month we had our individual meeting with the interior designer and we placed our order on the changes we want done before we move in. You get a complete home for the agreed price but you can change details like kitchen shutters, worktops, handles, appliances and so on. And yesterday the mail with the visualized overview from the designer arrived and I had reason, once more, to drench myself in making sure every detail was correct. This subject makes me ridiculously happy!

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