Mini-convention with friends and the aftermath

During the weekend I’ve practised socializing and pushing my boundaries as far as I could. T and I were invited to a mini convention, stretching from Friday to Sunday this weekend, privately hosted at [Game Studio] for their employees and friends. It was very cool to visit their premises and see what their work space looks like. I instantly thought I would love to work at that company. Their company culture is a rare one I think. In between the board games we played we also got a chance to try out their VR-set and we played Space Pirate Trainer for far too long. But it was so much fun! On our way home T and I discussed how we want to set up our own VR-set in the new apartment, once we have moved.

I have only one regret from this weekend and that was the time I snapped. There’s no meaning going into details, but because of anxiety and general exhaustion I got overstimulated and lost control of my temper and thoughts. Luckily, I caught it before I embarrassed myself too much and took a much needed time out to work out the feelings and rest. T is very important for me during times like these. I wish he didn’t have to have that kind of knowledge but he knows very well what I need when situations like these occurs, so he gave me some space before coming after me. Both for him and myself I’ve promised to always try and do better next time. Even if it’s only slowly coming along, I don’t apologize for outbursts as much as I used to simply because I’ve gotten better control over myself.  One day, hopefully, I won’t ever have to apologize for my temper..

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