Insane weather & Twitch updates

Living in Sweden have many pros but probably just as many cons. One of the cons is the weather. When I got up this morning I was greeted by a small ray of sunshine, but once I had eaten my breakfast and was headed to the optician it had started raining. While driving to town it started to hail. Once I was done at the opticians and was headed home, a mix of snow and rain was falling from the sky. And glancing out right at this moment I see it’s still snowing ever so lightly… not okay. But being a Swede, born and raised in northern tip of this country, I’m used to snow on my birthday in the middle of June. Insane, I know. There’s a reason as to why I moved far, far south – not having to deal with snow in June is one of them. Even if it is snowing lightly now, it will melt soon. But many here are rejoiced by the snow, whenever it snows (disgusting I know ;P ), but I’m not one of them. I always curse under my breath when the weather is like this and solemnly swear that I will go into hibernation next year like the bears do. “Stop complaining and move somewhere else then!” some exclaim. Believe me, if that was an option, I would.

During one of the streams this weekend I hit double digit in visitors! At the very peak of the stream on Saturday I had eleven unique visitors hanging about on my channel at Twitch. I even had them for about 40 minutes which means they stayed for a while and watched me before moving on. Eleven isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things, I know, but it felt huge. I remember in the very beginning, like two or three days after I had started, when a total of four and then seven people made me a nervous, stuttering wreck. I’m looking forward to seeing how I learn to handle a growing follower base and how it affects me. Speaking of which, I was notified about the changes that Twitch are making for smaller streamers with their new Twitch Affiliates program. I’ve been thinking that I should apply for a partnership as soon as possible to get going. But I’ve been putting it off since it feels like I’m still way to small for them to actually accept me as a partner. But with the affiliate program I might just be able to make it sooner rather then later. I need at least 50 followers and that feels impossibly far away with only 2 followers thus far.. but hey, so did having viewers at all and streaming regularly only a month ago.

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