To do or not to do – everyday edition

Yesterday was not a fun day. I woke up with the sensation of not being able to breathe due to a cold that had developed during the night, leaving me with a stuffed nose. My head was hurting like all hell and my throat was not having any of it and had therefore decided to shut down almost completely. I had almost no voice at all during the whole day, not that I got much said anyway in between the sneezing and coughing. I had to rush to the pharmacy to buy some cold medicine and then to the grocery store to buy something that didn’t kill my throat when swallowing it. I would have waited until T came home but if there’s something that makes me panicky it’s not being able to breathe through my nose.

So, instead of streaming I decided to film myself playing Cluckles’ Adventure without commentary, like a walkthrough, showing where to find all the chicks and how to beat the levels. But if I’ve learned anything these past weeks it’s to never trust your captured material until you’ve checked it, at least thrice. So, after filming for 20 or so minutes I went back and double checked that the video was free of lag and other similar chinks. And it was fortunate that I did, the first 20 minutes were riddled with laggy spots and the audio was not in sync with the video for some reason. I must have tampered with some settings, it didn’t run smooth at all. I threw it all away and started over, it was easier then try and solve all the issues with the vid. But even if I had fixed the sound, you can’t really do anything with a laggy video anyway. But once I had started over and double checked so it sounded and looked good, things went smoothly.

I don’t know how much energy I’ll have today. I’m still tired after the weekend and the cold haven’t gone away, even if I’m way better off today compared to yesterday. I’m torn between taking the day off or filming more Cluckles’ Adventure. I’m thinking that it wont be that tiring to just play without saying anything. I guess I’ll have to do what I always do when I’m unsure – start doing it and see how it feels. If it feels fine, then there’s no problems. If it doesn’t feel fine, I haven’t really lost anything.

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