Sleepyhead and getting contacts

At times I need to sleep more then usual. It’s because of the depression and usually comes after I’ve attended some kind of social gathering. This week have been like that. I go to bed at the regular time but I sleep two or three hours longer. This usually goes away within a few days but some weeks it’s just never-ending and this is such a week. I overslept with several hours more then usual today which ended up with me running everything much later. Now, I don’t have a time frame to adapt to but it still felt so weird to try and film myself playing Zelda – A Link to the past with T sitting beside me, watching everything I do and say. I felt so uncomfortable that I had to call it a day. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Something else that was new today was me getting contact lenses for the first time in years. I’ve had contacts before but gave them up since I only needed to wear them part time, like I only needed reading glasses in the beginning. It wasn’t worth the hassle. But when I got diabetes my eye sight was severely damaged (some tiny vessels in the eye was damaged due to my high blood sugar) and aside from needing to get a new prescription I also needed to start wearing them all day every day.

I’m quite sensitive when it comes to the weight of the glasses and if they chafe or put pressure on the sides or not. To begin with I was told that I would get used to it, but that was unfortunately only partly true. At times I’m extra sensitive and not even the lightest, less intrusive frame is good enough. I usually wear glasses from the Silhouette rimless line (like Titan Dynamics) which is super light and doesn’t chafe or put pressure anywhere. But even they annoy me from time to time. So, therefore I decided to try out contacts again since I needed to go check my eyesight anyway. I’ve only worn them for four hours so far as I got them earlier today and I was recommended to take them out once I started feeling tired, but I think I’ll come to love not having glasses on my nose as often anymore.

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