I’m so happy (7,5h stream)!

Today’s stream was so much fun! I gained several followers and another streamer chose to host me! I ended up playing for much longer than I probably should have but I didn’t want to stop. During the stream I gained 5 followers and had roughly 4-5 constant viewer. Several of them chatted away with me and asked questions and gave tips.

The biggest WTF moment today was when a complete stranger jumped into chat, asked if I wanted help and proceeded to boost me sometime silly. I went from having mostly yellow gear to having 4/6 pieces in my set gear and oranges in every other slot. For several slots I also got my BIS (Best In Slot).

I’m 3,5 hour late with dinner and my voice is cracking up something bad but I’m so energized from today! I know every time wont be like this, but I can really see myself doing this. It’s a very tired but very happy Edbrards that’s heading out to pick T up. He has been out with his work buddies on after work so I have yet to tell him all about this! He might not care so much about the numbers but I know he will be happy that I’m so happy.

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