Computer is probably busted..

My computer decided to kick the bucket last night in the middle of the stream. I had streamed for 2½ hours and then taken a longer break for dinner but upon returning the second time my computer started to behave strangely. Something was eating my CPU power but I couldn’t get control over it so I decided to reboot the system. My guess was that something I had left running when I went on my break might be causing some kind of leak and that perhaps this was the cause of the system slowing down to a crawl. But when I tried to restart it, it just stood there, frozen. The mouse still worked but it didn’t show any sign of processing anything. I left it for a minute or two, trying to give it a chance to shut down like I had told it to. But no, nothing. I pressed the restart button on the front, still nothing. I did a hard reset, forcing it to shut down and finally it shut down. But upon starting it up again I was only greeted by a blue screen telling me I needed to do a recovery.


I tried everything I could think of but couldn’t actually try to do a recovery or a repair since we didn’t have windows on either USB or disc anymore. So, when I ran out of things I could think of on my own I called T. He was at a friends house playing board games and even if they couldn’t think of anything that I hadn’t thought of before, the friend had windows on a USB that we could borrow. We would have solved it anyway, we have a virtual copy of windows that we used when first installing windows on our computers but borrowing our friends USB was more convenient. But I felt too frustrated and tired so I decided to give up on fixing the computer for the night and headed to our friends’ to join in on the board games.

Spent the night playing Russian Railways (w. expansion)

But there’s something seriously wrong with my computer and we can’t really seem to find out what the hell it is. I have two hard drives, the main is a SSD I use for windows and the second I use to store all my stuff. The reason it asks for a recovery is because it tries to boot from the second hard drive, the one I don’t have windows on. In BIOS it doesn’t even recognize that the SSD is there. T managed to get it up and running with some haxxor skills so I at least got to go in and copy my save files (70h Mass Effect save file, thank god I got to save that one at least!) and whatever else I wanted to recover before we start to mess around with the system again, trying to get it to recognize my SSD.

Hopefully we get it to work today but we seriously need to consider buying me a new computer. Usually this isn’t a problem but since we’re saving for our new apartment every spare penny that doesn’t go into that specific savings account is something we need to adjust the closer we get to moving. T says this isn’t a problem. He know how anxious I get when there’s something I need for myself but he assured me that if I need new parts, I’ll get new parts.

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