New parts on the way

I feel naked without Giga (my computer’s name is Giga, if car-people can name their rides I can name my computer) but on the bright side I’ve gotten a ton of things done while trying to fill the time. We got her up and running yesterday after much tinkering, but only partially. I can do some basic things like surf, listen to music and edit documents, even play a few simple games that doesn’t require much of anything to run, but it’s abundantly clear that she’s on her last breath.

We ordered new parts yesterday after we determined that some things on the motherboard was busted, the contact to the SSD was one of them. We temporarily solved it by unplugging and moving some of the contacts around. I keep a very watchful eye on my order as I’m anxious for my things to arrive. I have a horrible itch I can’t scratch as I want to play Mass Effect more then anything but after what’s happened I can’t even load the start menu of the game.

But I hesitated, as always. I can splurge on him or the cats but when it comes to me I always hesitate. Now more then ever since we’re saving for the new apartment. Perhaps I can solve it some other way? Maybe I don’t need X or Y, can I make do with something cheaper? T stared angrily at me when I was babbling and firmly stated that my computer was broken, I needed a new one, end of story. I couldn’t help but laugh, he used the exact same words I did a few months ago when his computer broke. So, end of story. It’s broken. I need a new one.

With the new computer I’ll have all the power I need for any and all craziness I can come up with, be it streaming or edit videos. Now I just have to find things to fill my time with, it shouldn’t be that hard.. or will it? O.o

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