Practise makes perfect

Did you know that you shouldn’t ever use tap water to clean the lenses or the case?

I’ve been practising putting in my contacts for a week now and I’m clearly making progress. Instead of poking myself in the eye for 5-6 minutes per eye I put them in within seconds. The right eye is the easiest and I usually get it in on my second try, the left eye is a little harder and usually requires three or four tries. I’m also slowly getting used to wear them. I could only wear them for around 3 hours in the beginning but yesterday I had them in for 8 hours without any problems. In the beginning I also got a slight headache when I had worn them for too long. But during the past two days it mostly feels like I have sand in my eyes before the headache comes, meaning the eye is probably dry and taking the contacts out is recommended. And I do usually take them out if a headache or eye sand occurs, no reason to torture myself. But I very much like wearing contacts. I especially like that I don’t have any weight on my nose but I have also come to appreciate that I don’t have something that’s sliding down on my nose and needs adjusting all the time.

In other news I’ve finally gotten around to put up all the things we want to get rid off on a trade/auction sites (mainly Tradera but also Blocket, both Swedish sites). There’s still a lot of time before we really need to start thinking of the move but I started a year in advance since I want to be able to take my time with it. Stressful situations should be avoided in my case so if I don’t feel like doing one of my weekly chores, there’s no panic since we’re still 11 months away from the move. So far I’ve sold 2 of the 14 things I put up, not counting the 40-something books from our time at the University. But to be honest I got motivated to catalogue the things and publish the ads because of me needing a new computer. The money we make from selling our old stuff will cover some of the expenses for my computer and lessen the amount we had to borrow from our savings account for the apartment. But I firmly believe that it won’t affect us as much as I had anticipated, mostly because T’s done the math and he says it’s going to be fine. But as always, my reasoning knows one thing while my anxiety is saying something else. I’ll give it time, the anxiety almost always gives in to reasoning in the end.

But since I have nothing else to do, I’m going to clean the apartment and then play some Stardew Valley. That and my emulator for the SNES is about the only things that I can play. Everything that puts any kind of workload on my non-windows drive is timing out because it can’t transfer the data quick enough. I could try to find a contact that isn’t busted on the motherboard but honestly.. I need to clean the apartment anyway and once I get my new parts and get the new Giga up and running I will not get any kind of cleaning done. Might as well be done with it.

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