Now she’s -really- up and running

tinkering with the computer
Taking the old parts out

We got the computer up and running on the day the parts arrived, the 3’rd of May. But it wasn’t until last night it actually felt like my computer. I didn’t really have to re-install Windows but I did it anyway. Giga had been behaving strangely for the past few days so I wanted to be sure that I didn’t bring any kinks, bugs or viruses from her last setup to the new one. But, as you might know, these things take time. The re-installation of Windows went without any issues and was completed within the hour. But actually re-installing all the programs and features I wanted and was used to took much, much longer.

Putting the CPU in
Nervously putting the new CPU in, I almost had a nervous breakdown when applying the thermal compound and putting the CPU fan in place

After approximately 3 hours of installing software (and about a million of restarts) she started to feel like my computer again. I know I haven’t re-installed everything just yet but now I got all my links and start menu like I want it. The bulk of installation always happen in the beginning, but there’s surprisingly many programs you don’t realize you’re missing until you actually need to use them. A zip-extractor is one of them. A PDF reader is another.

A few of the many small cuts I got from building Giga, most of the cuts are found on my knuckles

I also went for a fika with a friend yesterday, a pleasant break in the installation marathon I was facing. After we had consumed our coffee and pastries (I had a huge cinnamon bun and my friend had a slice of lemon meringue cheesecake) we went shopping. While I was assisting my friend in the hunt for new clothes I noticed my old motherboard and probably the new one had left a handful of small cuts on my hands. This always happens when you’re taking out and putting in new hardware (the curse of a technician) as the hardware have loads sharp edges. It’s next to impossible to avoid this and usually you don’t even realize you gotten the small cuts until afterwards when you wash your hands/takes a shower and it stings like a motherf*cker. But it’s a part of building your own computer so I wear them with pride.

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