No gain without pain

ace ventura arrow in leg

Waking up today reminded me of this old gif. I stretched thoroughly after my run but since it’s been a few months since I ran I’m bound to have some soreness I suppose. I stopped running around mid november last year, when snow and ice covered the streets and made the forest paths slippery and muddy, and have only sporadically worked out ever since. I’ve decided to start going serious with my running again since the warm weather have dried up the paths in the forest and left the street without any snowy hazard.

I’m considering attending Tjejmilen. This is an event where women gather in Stockholm to run 10 km (6.2 mile) through the city center. Last year I dared to admit to T that I would like to run a marathon sometime in my life, but not really setting a goal with an end date. Tjejmilen is far from a marathon, it’s even far from a half marathon, but it’s realistic for my current form. If I manage to double my last seasons distance I will be able to run 14 km (8.6 mile) which is more then enough to cover the distance for Tjejmilen. If I meet this goal, running a half marathon next year should be a realistic goal as well.

It’s weird to hear myself talking about this like it’s something so natural to me. It’s not. If someone had told me only two years ago that I was thinking about running a marathon, heck even 5 km (3.1 mile), I would have laughed myself blue and ask what the hell they were tripping on. Running? Me? pffft! Hello, do you know me? But even with my thighs and calves hurting like all seven hells, I actually long to lace up my shoes and head out.

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