What games should I play?

I’ve been thinking about what games I want to play on stream. I started out with Diablo 3 and I’ve built a small audience on me playing a hardcore hero, but that was mainly because my computer couldn’t handle anything more demanding then that. But since my computer upgrade I can stream ME: Andromeda on ultra settings both for the stream and the game without even using up half the power Giga can give.

I’ve been worried that if I start streaming another game I’ll loose the people who have followed me when I only streamed Diablo and it’s been hard to try and decide on anything. But yesterday I decided that f*ck it, I’m gonna stream whatever I play for that specific day.

I play a lot of games and I play for several hours (8-10 hours isn’t unusual) a day. Most often I grow tired of a game halfway through the day and so I switch game. So I’m gonna try and stream it all. There’s a risk I’ll feel fatigued or exhausted from being on camera all the time but if that’s the case I’ll do my best to handle it and find some kind of balance. Here’s to not giving up before I even tried!

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