What do you mean you didn’t mean to ring my doorbell? It’s in the middle of the night!!

Probably what I looked like answering the door

I’ve been awake for around 4 hours by now. I usually sleep to somewhere around 09.00-10.00 (9-10 am), unless I have something that I’m doing for the day like going to the doctor or the optician, visit a relative, do chores, buy groceries or whatever else. But even then I usually push to get the thing as late as possible since I know I’m not really functional before 10 in the morning. If I always could have my way, I would never meet anyone before noon.

But today I was unpleasantly pulled from my sleep by the doorbell at 07.25 by someone that didn’t even mean to. Normally I can fall asleep again but this morning I might as well have tried to swim to the moon. I don’t know why I couldn’t go back to sleep, I’m sitting here feeling very worn and tired, like a carelessly wrung out dish rag. But I couldn’t even be mad for being so rudely awakened today. It was the taxi driver that drives the handicapped boy to school that accidentally pushed the doorbell when he was trying to get the kid out from the elevator. He apologized like a thousand times since this isn’t the first time it happens.

I guess I’ll go for a extra long stream today then. I’ve already done all the chores I had planned for the day and it’s not even lunchtime yet. I don’t feel like playing Diablo 3, I want to continue my second playthrough on Mass Effect: Andromeda instead. It’s probably for the best anyway. Diablo is more intense for interacting with the audience since it’s not story driven like Mass Effect are, in Mass Effect you watch more passively I guess.

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