2 day headache and other reflections

For the first time in a very long time I had a splitting headache yesterday. I tried to pull through by taking pain killers and use every trick I had up my sleeve but I ended up going to bed much earlier then I usually do. I did however also stream for roughly 7 hours and blog as well so it was a good day in that aspect at least. But otherwise it was a hard day as my head tried to kill me and my Witch Doctor did die the hard death of Hardcore. I felt bummed out and refused to pick Diablo up again for the whole day and that was probably good.

Sadly it feels like this is going to be another day with another splitting headache and I consider not streaming at all. T laughed at me yesterday when he realized I’ve come to the point every streamer comes to: when you no longer know what’s work and what’s free time since you now “work” with what used to be your hobby. But the more I do this the more I get the feel for what I want to stream and what I want to keep as something I do on my spare time. So far I have never enjoyed working so many hours straight without any breaks as I’ve enjoyed it these past weeks.

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