My new clan and bot

My two day headache turned into a five day headache, but finally it seems like the pain has subsided for real. During these days I’ve been focused on streaming before anything else and thus the blog suffered, but I mean it’s not that relevant to make another post saying I still have a headache. That’s what Facebook and Twitter are for 😛

But there have been some changes since my last post. I decided it was time to get myself a bot to manage the chat on Twitch so most of the time yesterday was applied to pursuing this. I ended up going with DeepBot since a few of my new clan members in Diablo 3 had recommended it. But I also checked out NightBot and PhantomBot before settling and paying for DeepBot. That was one of the biggest setbacks for DeepBot, that I had to pay to even try it. But it seemed like a near perfect balance between helping me with the things I don’t know or want to handle myself and still give me the ability to customise the individual elements to my liking. The name I chose for my bot ended up being OrdningsBot which, for my Swedish followers, is a pun. A “ordningsbot” is basically a penal in Swedish and considering the nature of my new bot this seemed fitting. If I dislike the bot name in the long run, changing it isn’t that hard.

But on the earlier note, I have found a clan that I hang around with in Diablo 3, chatting while doing the mindless grind that you always end up having to do and getting help/helping them powerlevel their characters. I’ve yet only suffered one permadeath with my very first Witch Doctor but it was enough to give me the taste of how it is to play hardcore. When I had died with my first character I had found a fellow female streamer and decided to jump servers from Europe to America to join them. Playing hardcore by yourself isn’t that fun after all. Having an actual person that responds also makes the conversation less forced, helping me with not sounding so uptight. But there’s a definite difference among the hardcore players, I have never felt so unskilled in a game that I have played for a couple of hundred hours.

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