Twitch stats

Yesterday I spent the most of my time helping a friend with an issue of hers. When I got home early in the evening I decided that I was too tired to stream even if I actually felt like firing up the streamer software, the bot and get going on some rifts in Diablo 3. But, like always, I scrolled through Reddit for way to long and ended up wasting a few hours on nothing really. But it felt.. fine. And with my general rule that time I enjoy wasting is not wasted time, I come to the conclusion that it was just what I needed.

Yesterday T showed me some interesting statistics of when Twitch has the most viewers from a webpage called From there I learned that the viewership is at it’s lowest around noon and if I want to hit a lot of viewers it would be best if I stream around 18.00 (6pm) to 01.00 (1am) as the majority of people are watching then. I hadn’t even thought to search for such data, but T had stumbled across it from some post he found on Reddit and forwarded it to me to check out.

As I still don’t have a schedule he thought I could use this to make some kind of plan and he wasn’t wrong. I will actually use this and plan accordingly. I might stream “off hours” anyway if I play something I want to stream but to have a regular stream schedule around the times where there are more viewers then channels might just help me build a larger audience.

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