Chain of events – going through 37 quest steps in the hunt for the final thing

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been busy with trying out bots for my Twitch-channel. Most of the bigger bots are web based ones that needs a few plugins to do all the different things you’d like for them to do. The most important one for me at the moment is the “thank you”-note for new followers of the channel. When using DeepBot this feature came integrated in the program and didn’t need anything extra, but it also restricted me in adjusting the graphical representation that pops on to the screen. This annoyed me to no end. I decided to go with DeepBot first because it seemed like the easier solution and I was kinda put off by all the extra things I needed to configure with any of the other bots, but I guess I’ll have to pay (figuratively speaking) for that now.

The latest bot to be put to the test, NightBot, seemed to be missing some key features at a first glance but it turned out I needed to link a Muxy-page to NightBot to cover all my bases. NightBot handles your chat, music, timed messages, protects against spam and keeps a track of your visitors while Muxy handles all the announcements (new follower, new tip, hosting) and monetization. For the monetization to work I needed to configure StreamTip and for that to work I needed to link it to my PayPal to be able to accept tips. But since my PayPal account only was for me as a private person (as opposed to being a company) it still used my full legal name. While I had no problems with PayPal on account of creating a business page for possible income, it was still yet another thing that needed to be done. It was like a really badly designed quest where you need thing 1 to get thing 2 to get thing 3 to get thing […] so you finally can get thing 37 in the end.

In addition to all this I also changed my streamer software to XSplit instead of OBS studios. I always wanted to use XSplit since I felt it offered more but it also took more resources from my computer. The resource question isn’t a problem now, I have plenty to go around since my recent upgrade, but I’ve used OBS for about a month and gotten used to it. Re-learning XSplit took some time and some tinkering.

The chain of things that needed to be done felt nigh impossible to face for someone who have a hard time with changes. This is also the sole reason as to why I caved and took the easier solution to begin with. But now that I have all those things done and it feels like I understand it all and have a sense of control, I feel quite positive about it. But, not to forget, I had a very positive first impression of DeepBot as well in the very beginning so I’m not going to say too much until I’ve given it a few days.

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