Running together with T

A few weeks ago I decided to go serious with my running again. Then we had the weirdest weather with snow, hail, thunder, rain and strong winds/storms cycling through all of them throughout a single day for a week. I was therefore halted in my strides towards picking up my running from where I left it last season. But the now nice weather have once again boosted me into getting back out in the track again. Like before I tend to want to head into the forest when running as I recharge my batteries out there in a way I don’t do when running in the city.

During the past two weeks though T expressed that he wanted to give running a try since it worked so well for me. He already exercises quite much through his martial arts training, but he felt he probably would gain much from improving his general fitness by doing exercises that require good stamina. Both him and me have been active opponents to running. Me mainly because my knees couldn’t take the pressure my weight put on them when running around on 120 kg (264 lbs) and he mostly because he felt it was a the most boring form of exercise to do. But we both changed our minds.

I don’t know exactly what made him change his mind, one day he just asked me if he could come with the next time I headed out to the track. But I’m happy all the same. I run more seriously when he’s with me and it’s nice to have found each other in something I never thought we’d share. We often start out running together but about 1 km in I usually need to catch my breath by walking for a short distance while he continues on running. But we usually reach the finish line about the same time since I usually catch up to him since he starts to slow down after a few kilometers while I stay at the same speed most of the time. It’ll be interesting to see how we both progress this season.

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