Twitch graphics

Yesterday and the day before that I started to make small changes to my Twitch channel by adding overlays, alerts and panels. I’ve looked at several pages that sell already made alternatives for ones who doesn’t have their own graphic artist or can’t do it on their own, like me. For the majority of choices I settled for the free alternatives until I know for sure what it is I want.

So far the color palette have been black and two different shades of grey (yes, only two, fifty seemed too much) with the accent color in semi dark red. It felt kind of cliché with that combination but every other combination only felt strained and not what I wanted.

I’m considering buying animated signs for stream starting, ending and BRB, like this one from TwitchGFX. But I don’t now if I really need them or if I just want them because they look cool. I’ll probably end up buying it eventually, but I think I’ll wait now.

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