Updates on the new apartment

Orderbekräftelse censurerad

Today the order confirmation arrived for the changes we wish to have done on our new apartment. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to learn that I soon have a huge bill to pay.. but since it was almost two months ago since the last update on the apartment, this was very welcome.

I’m following the contractors webpage that’s building the houses and it’s very fun to see how the buildings take form and how quickly things are changing. Only a few weeks ago they were working at full speed with getting the intermediate walls fixated. When I visited their homepage today I learned that they have finished drawing all the cables to each and every apartment and that they soon are going to start working on the exterior walls.

Since we bought our apartment in the B house, “our” building is a few weeks after the updates they give on the A house. But they aren’t far apart from each other when it comes to progress and since we now got the order confirmation, things are really settling in. It’s so far away but still so very close. I’m so excited (again)!

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