Streaming schedule and my days off


I’ve put down a schedule that I’m trying out for the first time this week. I decided that I’ll stream Thursdays to Mondays and have time off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I think it’s important that I plan for my days off so it wont be as easy for me to burn out because I never took time off. I don’t really know if the days I’ve chosen are good or not, I suppose I’ll get a feeling for that once I’ve tested it for a while. Perhaps I’d like it more to stream Wednesday to Sundays and have Mondays and Tuesdays as my off-days.

During the morning and early afternoon yesterday I really felt like streaming though, but that was mostly because I wanted to play Stardew Valley more then anything else and since I specifically wanted to play the farm I’ve streamed, I felt like I should stream. But I didn’t, and that was probably good. I went to bed roughly 3 hours before my usual bedtime and slept for almost 12 hours.. that usually isn’t an indication that everything is fine and dandy.

So, today I’m sporting a slight headache and a really bad mood so I will make use of my day off and do whatever the hell I like to. Play a game? Probably. Watch YouTube videos? Yes! Take a long shower? Absolutely. Eat something tasty? You betcha. Spend time with T and the cats? Always. So ta-ta for now, cya all another time!

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