2nd death in Diablo 3

Having upped my anti-anxiety meds I was tired and inattentive yesterday and sadly that meant the death of my Witch Doctor in Diablo 3. When playing a hardcore hero you’re bound to die sometime but it was highly annoying anyway as I was just working my way up to do a level 70 solo rift but died on a much lower level. The only defence I have for my mistake is that I was tired from my meds and distracted by things off screen. If you want to see the exact moment, and my reaction, there’s a 28 sec clip from the 4h video here.

Face of defeat
Face of defeat

Now, it doesn’t really matter to be honest. I was feeling done with Diablo anyway and now I got a reason to let it be until the new season is released in late June/early July. In the meantime I’m planning on streaming more Stardew Valley (still missing 10 achievements), Mass Effect:Andromeda and maybe even Dishonored 2.

We got Dishonored 2 for T when it was first released a few months back and even if he have finished it, I haven’t even installed it yet. But hooray for family sharing on Steam! It lets me share my games with T and vice versa so we only need to buy one copy of a game we don’t want to play together.

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