Tired murmurings

When looking back at what I’ve written the past few days, it’s clear that I’ve been struggling with myself, anxiety and shifting moods. I was hesitant to write about it openly like this in the blog, mostly because it could be thrown in my face by anyone who follows me here or on Twitch. But this has since become my most read and liked post. I also figured that my feelings will shine through in the end and I would rather be honest, and be able to take my time if I need it, then hide it and come off as distant or indifferent.

But with that said I want to highlight that I reached and passed my halfway goal on Twitch since I got my 26th follower a few days ago. Many of the new followers are friends that have taken their time to register on Twitch solely on the base that they want to support me and help me reach 50 followers, so I qualify for Twitch’s affiliate program. But as much as that amazes me, I have to say I’m even more amazed by the fact that I have complete strangers among my followers that come to my channel, hang out and interacts with me stream after stream. It’s humbling if nothing else, that someone finds value and are interested in what I do on my streams. It also makes me seriously happy and giggly to just think of it.

But I am tired today, more so then usual. I went on a trip to Gothenburg yesterday to turn in all of our old course literature to a bookstore that re-sell that kind of books (as a part of the giant cleaning out we’re doing before moving). I had to throw away quite a lot of books, mostly old law books, that just were too old or inaccurate. In the end though I turned in about 30 books from both my and T’s university time. I don’t expect to sell any of them right away, but by turning them in early I give the store a chance to catalogue them and have them ready for selling once the summer break is over. This way I maximise the chance to sell them once the autumn term starts and also give myself peace of mind since I have one less thing to think about.

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