Getting out there anyway

It was exceptionally hard to get out and run yesterday. It wasn’t something physical, I felt rested and had no soreness at all, but I still had this barrier I needed to get over. I managed to get out anyway, with some gentle pushing from T (thanks hun, I really needed it).

While out there I decided to cut myself some slack and allow myself to walk parts of the track. I assumed I would take about 60 minutes to get around my usual track since my regular time is about 44 minutes, but with walking you usually take slightly longer. But to my surprise I clocked in at 42 minutes flat. This really stunned me. It had felt like I had cement in my legs and boulders around ankles.. and I still had shaved 2 minutes from my regular time.

Once I had showered and started my resting, I felt kinda happy with myself. It didn’t matter that I felt like crap when I headed out, what matters is that I did. Yesterday I happened to outperform myself and that’s great, but I know there will be times when I don’t. I was still tired but it was another kind of tired, the good kind.

I keep re-discovering this fact over and over.. that exercising hard, where I push myself to go further then I feel comfortable with, actually relaxes me even if it feels hopeless to get into when all your mind and body screams for is rest.

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