My first Twitch rule

I got my first slightly unpleasant encounter yesterday during my stream. Of course, this was expected as females on the internet, especially those who like to play video games, still amazes some to the extent that they forget how to function in front of one.

blob93 chat messages
Excerpt from the chat-log. I gave my responses verbally, hence the chat-log is one sided.

I wont assume the persons gender but they came into my channel while I was streaming and complemented me by telling me I was beautiful. The person then asked me to show off my “outfit” to which I replied that I’d rather not, but added that it was nothing special, a t-shirt and pants (I should not have said this part, I see that now. But hey, you live and learn). The person then asked if they could see the pants I was wearing. Again I declined and gave a verbal warning “not to go there“, where upon I received an apology. Afterwards we had a normal conversation for ~20 minutes about games, during which the person chose to press the follow button. This was all a bit.. weird. It felt like the person only followed so I wouldn’t ban them from the channel. The case is strengthened by the fact that once I logged on this morning I saw that the person had unfollowed (when you’re striving for 50 followers you kinda notice if someone leaves).

The latest addition to my Twitch page

But I mean, I marked that I wasn’t okay with this kind of behaviour, my wish got respected as they stopped asking for what clothes I was wearing and I was apologized to. I would have let it pass unremarked if the behaviour wasn’t shown again. But follow/unfollow is ultimately their choice, I know I can’t do anything about it more then to express my wishes, hope that they’ll be respected it and act only when they aren’t.

With that said I have only one more thing to add: I love playing video games, just like you. I’m not interested in playing on the fact that I’m a female to get watchers or followers. If you can’t let go of what gender I am and insist on making that your sole focus, trying to get me to showoff body parts or clothing, then this is not the right channel for you. We’re really not that different, we presumably have one very big interest in common. Strike up a conversation and see for yourself!

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