I just finished a short, sweet game that I’m considering streaming. It’s no more then 8-12 hours and the base mechanics of it is puzzle based, completely without fighting elements. How log it is exactly is very much based on how well you do with the puzzles and how much you choose to explore. It took about 9.5 hours for me to finish it. This game has such beautiful music and scenes.. I fell for it completely within the first hour even if it’s not much more then a glorified walking sim with puzzle elements. But the story though.. there’s no hiding it’s a emotional game, but I wont spoil the ending.

Now, I’m usually pretty hardened when it comes to games and emotional moments. I usually don’t get that affected, kept for two moments that I will always remember. That scene in Final Fantasy VII with Aeris and most of the moments in Final Fantasy X, the waterworks where turned to 11 especially during FFX’s ending scene. And during the ending of RiME I was fighting all the onion cutting ninjas in the room.

But I did have minor gripes with it. They where somewhat inconsistent at times with some key elements, but it was passing so it shouldn’t cause too much trouble. Something that did cause some me some grief was the camera angle and the control over the camera. It was abundantly clear that the game was developed with a controller in mind, which I did try for a short while. But I like to use my mouse and keyboard when playing games so there was moments when the camera angle just didn’t work at all.

But the overall score is very positive. Like I said, I’m pondering streaming the game now that I’ve completed it once. It deserves some time in the spotlight.

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