Surprise birthday party

So yesterday was a highly interesting day indeed. I was streaming (an extra stream) in the middle of the day but was told by T that I needed to take the stream down for a couple of hours when the clock was closing in on 2 pm. I was quite surprised at this as he have never asked me to take the stream down once I have started it. It turns out he, and many of the persons I consider my friends, have been in cahoots with each other and pooled money for my birthday.

This was partly because I never got celebrated when I turned 30 (I was forgotten so T had a guilty conscience and wanted to make up for it) and because I now have gotten so far with my streaming that I sorely needed a new camera. With two computer crashes in a row we were looking at buying a new camera at the very earliest 6 months after we moved and T felt that it wasn’t fair.

So, they planned a gathering at a friends house. The friend and her daughters (the same friend and daughters that baked for the IFFIOL-day) had been very busy baking different kind of sweets. The theme for it all were bananas and/or chocolate, based solely on the fact that I love banana bread. I had so much cake I felt like I was going to explode.. but it was so nice, so many came to this gathering just for me. I’m not used to get attention like this. I felt so happy and grateful when heading home with my birthday gift (which will cover the expenses for a new camera and then some) and the banana bread leftovers. I slept in today and wasn’t out of bed until noon. But it was expected since there were so many there yesterday and I spoke at length with most of them about my Twitch career, among other things.

Other then that I’ve made a dive into a bunch of reviews for the two cameras I’m considering buying. I’m a Razer fangirl, there’s no hiding it. But the Razer Stargazer seems to have some serious problems with the dynamic background removal because of Windows big creators update. But on the other hand, Logitech’s c922 pro doesn’t seem to escape those issues either. The Logitech cam is cheaper by a mile but doesn’t have the same quality details that make Razer gear more endurable (like gold connectors and clad cords). It seems to get down to the nitty gritty and what you prefer and what your set up otherwise are. Both probably works fine for my setting, but I need to dive even deeper into this to make sure I choose the right webcam for me.

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