Changing my screen name

I know my chosen nickname (Edbrards) is a tongue-twister for basically everybody. I’ve therefore carefully considered changing the name. Since most people was quick to adopt calling me by my first name (Eve) on Twitch, I’m thinking that something with Eve in it would be cool. But I have a knack for choosing long and difficult names as a result of a lifetime trying to find a unique name for my characters in any online game I’ve even played. Names that are near to impossible to pronounce is also something that I like to use and this is something I usually strive for. But when I need to repeat myself for the seventh time trying to slowly spell my screen name out, even I realize this needs to change. Unless I want to spend the rest of my days imitating a kindergarten class.

But like always it’s insanely hard to come up with something that sounds good and also are easy to spell/pronounce. I have been hanging on all morning trying to work Eve into a name that fulfills all my criteria and even if I’ve found a long list with names I like, they are either taken or not really easier to pronounce or spell, which doesn’t solve the issue at all.

My first thought was something simple, like a word with eve woven into it, Evening for example. Then I realized that won’t do, Evening will be taken. Well, what about Evening Star? I will probably need to spell it strangely to make that work.. like Star with two R’s in the end.. Starr? No, that sounds like a bad porn stage name and it also means cataract in Swedish. Okay then, what about eve in the end then? Greve? No.. that means count in Swedish. Greave? Eeh.. Hi! Want to come watch me play games? I call myself Greave! Nonono no. What about something with two V’s in the middle or if I switch an E to an I? Perhaps I can… and five hours later, I have still not settled on what I want to change it to.

But I have gotten help so that when I do decide on a name I will be able to claim a domain name here. I will also be able to switch my Twitch name without having to redo my account and loose all my followers, so that feels nice. I will also be able to change my Facebook page name. The only one I’m unsure of is my Twitter account. I’ve already changed name on that once so I don’t know if I can do that again.

But with that said. Do anyone who follows and/or read this blog have any name suggestions? I’m down for the name being a pun or a bad word joke so give me all you got!

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