New blog design, new Twitch name

I did not intend to change the style of my blog just yet but by accident I pressed the “save & publish” button when playing around with the theme customizer. Oh well, I had decided to go with this theme anyway since it got all the individual things right. I still can’t control some of the elements on the blog, which is highly annoying, but at least I feel comfortable with this design. I hope you will too.

But this change is not completely taken out of the blue. I have been thinking about the name change and thought it would be fitting to change the blog theme at the same time as I take my new nickname on Twitch. I have boiled it down to two possible names and are in a bit of agony over which one I’ll end up choosing.

To get the name I’d like I will need to rely on leet speak (where you switch some letters for numbers). I’m fine with that though, what I’m worrying over is that my audience won’t get it. But my name, Eve, is baked into both choices so I think it’ll be a smooth change since what my audience used to call me won’t be affected.

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