Mistakes were made, the name is fine though!

The name change is done. So far it feels good and I’m happy with how it came out. I ended up going with AchiEve (Achi3ve) but I was also considering ThiEve (Th1Eve). After talking it through with T though, he made a strong case as to why I should go with Achi3ve instead. The main reason is that achieve have a more positive connotation for people then thieve. Thieve was a cool name in my mind, but it’s hard to convey a positive feeling about thieve’s when it’s mostly connected to something negative (like being robbed).

Before coming to a decision I was very worried (hence the hesitation) that I wouldn’t like the name I was going to end up going with. Mostly because I have taken a few decisions lately that I regretted almost instantly. I did a drastic thing with my hair, dying it in a really bright red, that ended up sending me into waves of panic every time I saw myself in the mirror. With a little luck though, I will have been able to undo that particular craziness. This kind of behaviour, sadly, isn’t all that unusual for me. Taking a series of rash decisions and having the outcome cause me severe anxiety is something I hate, but during the last years it have at least become less frequent as I actively work with my own behaviour to stomp out shit like this.

Now that I have done the last rinse (it’s taken time to write this..) the color still isn’t completely gone. I need to decide on trying once more on my already strained hair or go around with a bright pink scalp. That or wear a cap for a month.. which isn’t really a problem hadn’t it been a family gathering tomorrow and hats, no matter how grand they are, are to be taken off when gathering around the table. I’m also a enough of a weirdo in this family constellation with everything that has happened plus my streaming career, I don’t need a bright pink scalp to top it off. I really need to stop doing this to myself :/

But, like I’ve mentioned before, tomorrow is midsummer’s eve. As per tradition we will be going to my mother-in-law to celebrate with the family during the day and the celebration continues with friends and barbecue in the evening. At my mother-in-law’s we always eat the traditional foods like pickled herring, new potatoes, chives and sour cream. I’m not particularly fond of the pickled herring but I’ve learned to eat it. We usually have pickled herring among the Christmas foods as well but I only force myself to eat it this time of ear. I learned to eat it when I started celebrating holidays with T’s family and then only because I didn’t want to be a burden on my mother-in-law since she’s the one doing all the grocery shopping and cooking. But at the friends later on we do a huge barbecue with lots of side dishes, salads and whatnot. While also drinking and talking the night away. It’s a nice time for all of us to gather and socialize since weather you work a regular 9 to 5 job or are occupied with things (like me) you usually make sure you have this evening off.

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