Twitch update, new friends and IKEA

I’m taking solid steps toward my first goal of 50 followers on Twitch. During the stream today I got 5 new followers, totaling at 41 followers at the end of the stream. I feel I’m getting more comfortable with larger groups of watchers and even if I do prepare for every stream, I don’t feel the nervousness and anxiety that I felt in the beginning. I also don’t feel like a complete wreck when someone is talking to me and my use of English comes more naturally by now (but I take no responsibility for my accent 😛 ). I’ve even been told that my voice is “cute”. I chose to see that as a compliment as they keep coming back for most of my streams.

I’ve found a lot of interesting people all over the world and gotten a few new friends along the way. It’s kind of amazing when you think about what playing a game really have led to. But it’s never been “just for fun” like many write in their bios. I’ve always had a thought that I wanted to build and pursue a career with this and eventually be able to live off my biggest interest.

Anyhow, tomorrow I’ll be going to the local IKEA store with a friend to buy a green sheet (among other things). My new and fancy camera are awesome in many ways but the drivers that are supposed to remove my background doesn’t work since Windows 10 did the creators update. Me and everyone else who have cameras with this feature are therefore waiting for new drivers. But the camera can still remove a color specifically so that’s the solution I will be going with until they solve the issue.

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