New Necromancer pack + sleep

I stayed up late last night to stream the new Necromancer pack that was released. T couldn’t sleep so we played together to 3.15 am. The pack wasn’t released until 11.30 pm since they had connected the release of the pack to the patch. I must have gone into some overdrive of some kind because I was really tired earlier but when I got home, I couldn’t fall asleep like I had planned to.

Hours and hours later I’m still awake. My brain is quite mushy but beside that, I feel fine. This worries me to some extent of course. I don’t like to mess with my sleeping pattern but when there’s a need I will. Usually though the body sends a clear message and promptly makes me so sleepy I can’t keep my eyelids up even if I glued them open.

I was hoping to make the last 5 followers as an early player with this new content in Diablo 3, but since Monday it has been completely dry. I guess there’s no rush to be honest, but I tend to get a little bit impatient at times wanting things to happen preferably yesterday.

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