It’s been a strange week

The past week has been a strange one. It started on Tuesday when the Necromancer pack for Diablo 3 was released. Tuesday was cleaning day so that took most of the day (and energy) but I also stayed up late that night (to ~3.45 pm) to be a part of the initial rush for the new content and hopefully gain a new follower or two. Normally I would have slept in the following morning, but I had an appointment for another laser treatment on my tattoo so I had to get up at a certain time to make it which resulted in me only getting ~3 hours of sleep. I thought to myself that I would take a nap once I got home to make up for some of it. But I got a new kind of treatment, one I’ve never got before so I was not prepared on just how painful it would be and just how affected I would be.

Instead of using a laser that goes deep into the skin to release the ink particles the technician used a laser that burns off the top layers of the skin to force the body to produce new skin so you get rid of the ink residue in the upper layers of the skin (which basically is the only place is still have ink left). The treated area is to be compared to second degree burn, according to the technician who administrated the procedure. The adrenaline rush I had after the treatment made me wide wake and sleeping was impossible. Once the adrenaline had settled though, the pain had risen something bad and I was unable to get any kind of rest because of it.

I didn’t stay up the night between Wednesday and Thursday but I still needed to get up early to go the laboratory to take additional blood samples. Only today I got to sleep in, sleeping without an alarm I got 13 hours, resulting in me finally starting to feeling like myself again. The pain have somewhat subsided as my body have produced a eschar over the tattoo. The skin is still highly irritated and strained, but as the technician predicted, come the weekend I would be left with this feeling of skin tightness and little to none pain. I mostly feel pain when turning my head really sharply to any side, but by now I’ve learned to turn my whole upper body instead of just the head.

I have been going around with this strange feeling of surrealism the past days, like I always do when I’m breaking my sleeping routine. I kind of remember what I’ve done and said, but it’s like I’ve been operating drunk with that thick feeling of not really hearing or thinking clearly. It’ll probably take a few more days until I really feel like myself again, but at least I’m slowly getting there.

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