DYI: Green Screen

Not long ago I bought a new webcam and even if it phenomenal (in my opinion) the driver that’s supposed to remove my background isn’t working correctly. This is not because of the camera, it’s nothing wrong with it, it’s because of the drivers. Microsoft and Intel are aware of the problem but Microsoft are actively denying there is a problem (it’s not a bug, it’s a feature) and Intel can’t figure out what is causing the issue. So, while I wait for someone to come up with something I thought I’d go with a traditional green screen as my background to remove as much of the camera as possible but still keep myself in frame.

But going with a professional solution and use such a screen and background stands as photographers use are quite expensive. For a few days I was thinking and came up with a pretty neat idea. I went to my local IKEA and bought a green sheet, a curtain rod and something to mount the rod on. With some tinkering, sewing and some serious ironing of the sheet (it needs to be as flat as possible to work properly) I now have a green screen. And on stream, it looks like this:

screen cap cutout
Where I place myself on the screen is depending on the game. In this example I’m in the upper left corner

Cost for this little project was roughly 3 hours and 169 SEK (19,95 USD$/ 17,55 EUR).

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