Deep Rock Galactic – closed alpha


Yesterday I was sent my first key as a streamer! It was a key for the closed alpha of Deep Rock Galactic from Ghost Ship Games. The ones who got keys where picked as the first wave of press and streamers to give the game a try. As a small, and new, channel this is a great opportunity to attract new followers but also to show what kind of streamer and reviewer you are. And to be honest, I’m a little nervous for tonight when I go live with it for the first time.

But that apart I’m determined to give the game a fair judgement and call it out if there’s enormous flaws or errors in the game. Of course you need to take into consideration that the game is only in it’s alpha stage. The general population of gamers usually think of this as something negative as the game isn’t complete and there’s huge chunks of the game still missing.. and I’ll be honest, so do I. I don’t normally play games that are still in alpha (or beta) stage but I see how both me and the game studio can benefit since they get air time and feedback on their product and I hopefully get viewers and can pass on feedback on bugs and issues I might experience to help them improve their product before it hit’s the market.

But I’ve done my homework and I know that it is important to check if the’re any restrictions or an embargo laid on the game. But they had explicitly stated that it was fine talking and showing off any and all parts of the game. The only request that was included was that you include the link to their Steam and/or webpage in your stream somewhere. For this I have planned to have the webpage address in my streaming title as well as running a timed message via my bot that gives out their info directly in my chat while streaming. Now I only need to set everything else (like snacks) for tonight’s stream and I’ll be good to go.

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