Hova Riddarvecka (medieval week) & my new armor

I’m an old LARP:er, so when I want to dress up to stand out in a crowd – I do it. In a small community called Hova they arrange Riddarveckan (strictly translated “Knight week” but medieval week is probably more appropriate) each year and it’s fun to go for a day and do something entirely different then you usually do. A good friend of mine, who also is a LARP:er, happen to have some gear that was suiting for this kind of event.

So together we went to Hova, she in a beautiful dress and me in an borrowed leather armor (up top in the first picture and straight behind me in the second), that actually now are spoken for by me. I’ve had my eye on the piece ever since we went to this event two years ago but nothing more came of it back then. Today we spoke about it since I expressed my love for it and she was looking to sell it anyway. Once I get some money over I’m paying for it, but I’ve asked her to store it for me until we have moved.

Anyway, the event draws a lot of people, no question about it and since we dressed up we had eyes on us – all the time. But all of it was positivity and expression of awe and admiration. I’ve had many young children, mostly boys, stare at me with googly eyes and then burst into the biggest smiles as I waved at them. My friend have had the same thing but with many young girls, as she did indeed look like a princess. A lot of older children/adults have taken pictures of us and a handful even asked us/me to pose together with them while their friends or family hurriedly grasped after their phones.

The whole day is ended with a spectacular Tourney with jousting and whatnot, where the knights competes against each other. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being there but as last time, I was very tired once we was heading home, but very happy. Over all – a very fine day. I was very happy and flattered that people thought I looked so good that they wanted to take pictures with me. I’m not usually heading to bed for another hour or two but today I’ll get to bed early and I’ll be sure to dream about knightly adventures and princesses that needs rescuing 😉

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