Personal space invader – Begone!

Being a personality online can sometimes be harsh. But if you move about in this sphere though, you to learn how to handle the comments, attitudes and name calling. The most infuriating thing you can do against someone who seems hellbent on getting your attention, by calling you all sorts of imaginative and colorful names, is to outright ignore them and deny them that pleasure. And while this is still something I face on almost a daily basis I’ve moved into trickier fields. I’m trying to learn how to handle the persons with good intentions, the ones throwing help my way just because they perceive something as a problem that needs solving.

Someone who is being obnoxious and spewing hate your way are much easier to just dismiss as their actions seldom are socially accepted and drawing a line there is expected of you. But how do you handle someone who thinks that their actions are justified, but in reality is infringing on your personal space (preferably without burning bridges)? It is very hard for me to just say “No thanks, I don’t need help” or “No thanks, I don’t want that”. It feels like it’s an argument waiting to happen as they are just trying to be nice, offering me help. But where do I draw the line? How do I make sure I see the ones who are genuine and for real against those who are just ..not? My voice is apparently “cute and endearing”, so me getting help when I haven’t asked for it is not something new.

Meeting a conundrum like this as a behavioural scientist is quite.. strange. I know how to handle whatever situation friends and family happen to be in, but it’s so hard to apply this on myself and know what to do. But as always, I think I already know the answer; the line must be drawn where I’m comfortable with it being drawn and I must be the one who draws it. But I don’t think that the drawing of the line is the hard part, the hard part is handling it without hurting others.. and I need to mull that over a few more times until I’m satisfied with my own behavior.

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