On with the heavy artillery – migraine edition

I was so happy yesterday and the day before that when my migraine seemed to be giving in and finally disperse. Then, yesterday, T and me were invited to a table top RPG-session (Role Playing Game) with our friends. Since the pain had mostly disappeared I thought nothing more of it and gladly went to our friend’s place. During the RPG-session though my migraine slowly began pulsating again. By the end of the session I was near tears as the pain had blossomed completely. I took yet another dose of the nasal spray and not even that gave complete respite, just a small window of an hour without the pain.

I got up early today and called the health care center, as was suggested to me by the nurse at the communication center (that I wrote about here). I told the nurse who returned my call from the health care center about my 8 day migraine streak, was asked a couple questions about the nature of the pain and was prompted to tell her of my symptoms, what painkillers I had been taking and what I strategies I had tried. She hummed softly while I spoke, typed something quickly over her keyboard and gave me an appointment to a doctor 1½ hour later.

Things went smooth with the doctor as well. She did the regular screening/examination to rule out brain damage and cerebral haemorrhage and sent me for a ECG with a nurse across the hall. When the nurse was done with me I met with the doctor again and she had already put my prescription into the computer system so she quickly went over what she had prescribed. I got the nasal spray (with 6 doses instead of the regular 2 you get with the over the counter box), prescription strength diclofenac and a beta-blocker to try and prevent the attacks coming at all. The last one was mainly because she understood that I need to take my hormone supplement but it will be hell if the migraines will continue like this.

I’m still to wait a few days before I start on the gel again. I need to let myself get a chance to recover from the pain and the poor sleep quality I’ve had in the past week. But I’m very thankful for things going so smoothly today. I’m hopeful that the pain will be gone soon.

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