Custom graphics for Twitch

Just when I think I’m close to getting done with my Twitch channel, I find something else to dive into. This time it’s custom emotes for my chat, banners and possibly a new portrait to unite all the social medias to my Twitch channel. Just as with my name, I’m pondering what’s best to go with for graphics to my channels. I’ve made decisions like these before, but so far I’ve gotten away with going with the free options.

I like the chibi art style of most things so a portrait with chibi elements to it is something I think I’ll like. I also think I’d like some kind of animals for my emoji’s and cats is a favourite animal of mine. But cats and dogs are over represented so I don’t think that’s a good choice. I do love red pandas but have also come to like snakes (sneks!) and fruit bats. Neither of those are used very often, which is a shame because they can be really cute if drawn as such. Now, I don’t have to contain myself to only one animal in the long run. I specifically want a hen in a tie eventually and also some kind of resting bitch face emoji as well.

But while this takes time and some careful consideration, actually getting hold of a digital artist that can do this for me is even harder. Most of the artists I’ve looked at don’t take any more commissions as they have gotten an influx of people wanting custom emoji’s since the release of Twitch’s affiliate program. It’s a luxury problem to have for sure, but it still puts me in a hard position. This isn’t the buyers market at the moment, the artist seem to be able to take their pick and leave the ones they don’t want to do.

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