Digital artist wanted for Twitch emote and profile picture

Hi there!

I was recently made a Twitch affiliate and I’m therefore looking to commission a digital artist for my first emote. I’m also looking for someone who can draw a profile picture.

  • Custom emote: I’m looking for one emote as of now, but I will be interested in more once I’m allowed to have more on my channel. I’m going with a overall bat theme and want my emotes to star baby fruit bats. I also want to go with a cup theme (see ref. pics) so I’d like to see the bat in the cup with maybe a wing wrapped around the cup or for the cup to have some writing on it like “Hai!”, “RIP”, “WTF?” and so on.
  • Profile picture: I’d like to be drawn in a bat hoodie dress that features ears and wings. I would like to see a bat in my arms, on the shoulder or otherwise around me. I like chibi style for face and body but isn’t set on it. If you’re more comfortable with another style, let me know and we’ll work something out.
  • Referral pictures:


About me: I have been streaming for about 5 months now and my aim is to do this for a living. I mostly stream Diablo and Stardew Valley type of games but in my core I’m a variety streamer and range from high-end games to pixelated stuff.

Please contact me on any of these platforms if you are interested in taking it: Facebook (@StreamerAchi3ve), Twitch (, Twitter (@StreamerAchi3ve), blog ( or mail ( I will want to know how much you charge and how long you think it’ll take for you to finish.

Eve “Achi3ve” S.

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